Since its inception, Hanhui Pharma has been committed to the mission of "dedicated to your health", continuously investing in drug research and development, enhancing the supply guarantee capability, diversifying and innovating the business model, providing high-quality products accessible to patients and promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise. In addition, Hanhui Pharma actively devotes itself to social public welfare cause, concerned with the people's livelihood, continuously contribute to society with development achievements by exerting our strengths, and fulfills the social responsibilities as a national pharmaceutical enterprise.
  • Environmental protection

  • Security in the supply of shortage drugs

  • Social welfare

Hanhui Pharma has identified compliance with applicable laws and regulations with regards to environmental protection, safety and quality as one of the bottom lines for its survival and development. The amount of energy used, material consumed and manufacturing cost were reduced by the implementation of OE lean production projects. In 2017, Hanhui was evaluated as the highest environmental credit behavior level of green credit.
Hanhui Pharma prioritizes the manufacturing of products in short supply and capacity expansion, in order to supply medicines in short supply to the society regardless of the rising costs and loss of profits. Hanhui Pharma is proactive in helping people with related drug shortages. In 2019, a major explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu. Hanhui, as the first company to pledge to donate medicines, urgently donated anti-infection medicines for severe diseases. For the prevention of COVID-19 in 2020, Hanhui donated 5,000 Solu-Medrol, 500 Junte and 100 Lixing to the designated medical institutions in Wuhan.
Hanhui Pharma adheres to the voluntary spirit of dedication, love, mutual assistance and progress to actively support social welfare causes. Hanhui Pharma developed 6 reading corners for Tengchong Primary School as part of the Sunflower Love Project. Since 2013, we have participated in the "Red Phoenix Project" in Shaanxi Province to support poor female students. In 2019, the "Hanhui Cedar Class" was established to help high school students complete their three-year studies.
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